Netsis Software

Comprehensive Corporate Solutions with Netsis Software

If you are tired of using different packages for corporate solutions, now you have Netsis. You can apply human resources solutions, ERP solutions, and SME solutions in your company with single software. Uzvi software development team will meet the needs of your company with the power of solutions provided by Netsis. Solution systems are offered as packages and you can easily choose the one that is right for your company.

With scalable structure, you can apply to companies with different scale. Integrated structure enables working on single program for various important business processes including accounting. Integrated structure shortens business follow up processes and increases internal efficiency by offering the highest level of ERP solutions.

Corporate Solutions At Single Place with Netsis

Netsis software adopts fast and effective system with solutions. Corporate solutions can easily be run on different platforms. Also, Netsis offers accounting solutions and with easy integrations, all systems in your business will work in harmony.

Corporate solutions are offered as different packages such as Wings, B2B, HR, and Bordro. Each package is designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Most important advantage of the system is easy integration. As Uzvi software, we are integrating the system to help your corporate solutions.

Fast and Effective ERP Solutions

Netsis is there for SMEs with ERP solutions in addition to those who look for effective solutions for businesses. On the other hand, Netsis Bordro and Netsis HR supports human resources departments of businesses. With user friendly interface, the system can easily be used by all employees. Additionally, frequently used tabs inside the interface offers short-cuts for daily business flow.

Also, the system considers internationally operating firms. Within the system, there are foreign language and foreign currency support. In addition to all these, ERP solution also has supply chain management module. By using the system, work flows can be monitored within seconds. With Uzvi software quality, you can also integrate Netsis system in your business. Contact us now and take your business one step forward.


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